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Michael Shaver takes pride in providing professional land clearing and excavation services to Gallatin, TN and surrounding areas. From clearing commercial lots to Home-Renovation projects, we are here for the job.

Michael Shaver is a Licensed, Bonded, and Insured- Land Excavation Contractor with over 35 years of experience. When you need a job done right, at the right price, make the choice to call Michael Shaver.

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“This is my first time using this plumber and I must say that the service person was knowledgeable and pleasant. The work was done promptly and to my satisfaction. The price for the service was surprisingly inexpensive and fair. I

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I highly recommend Michael Shaver Plumbing. They came out the day I called, within a of couple hours. Were affordable and had great customer service. Will defiantly use again. Thank you for great service!!!

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Get Answers To Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Excavation Services

How deep should the foundation excavation be for a building?

  • The depth of foundation excavation depends on factors such as soil type, building design, and local building codes. Typically, foundations are excavated to below the frost line and to a depth specified by structural engineers to provide stability and support for the structure.

Why is site preparation necessary before construction or landscaping?

  • Site preparation is essential to clear the land of vegetation, debris, and obstacles, ensuring a clean slate for construction or landscaping projects. It also involves leveling the ground to create a stable foundation and addressing any soil or terrain challenges that may impact the project.

Why is proper drainage important for a property?

  • Proper drainage helps manage surface water runoff, preventing flooding, erosion, and waterlogging on the property. Drainage installation, including the placement of pipes, culverts, and retention ponds, ensures that excess water is safely diverted away from buildings and landscaping features.

Can utilities be installed without excavation?

  • In most cases, underground utilities such as water lines, sewer lines, electrical conduits, and telecommunications cables require excavation for installation. Excavation allows for trenches to be dug to accommodate the placement of utility infrastructure below the ground surface.

What is land grading, and why is it necessary?

  • Land grading involves shaping the land’s surface to achieve desired slopes, contours, and drainage patterns. It is necessary to ensure proper water runoff, erosion control, and site stability for construction, landscaping, or agricultural purposes.



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