UhOh, Why Is Your Water Heater Leaking?

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So, you’ve discovered a puddle under your water heater, and now you’re wondering what kind of mischief it’s up to.

Is it staging a mini flood? Planning to turn your basement into an indoor pool? Fear not, intrepid homeowner! Michael Shaver Plumbing, Septic, & Dirt Works is here to unravel the mystery of your leaking water heater.

The truth is, it could be many different things, but let's start with this quick list of why your water heater could be leaking.

  • Your Water Heater’s Mid-Life Crisis

Signs of Aging: Just like your Uncle Bob who suddenly bought a motorcycle, your water heater might be showing signs of a mid-life crisis. After years of faithful service, it might decide it needs a change – like leaking all over your floor.

Quick Fix: Call Michael Shaver Plumbing, Septic, & Dirt Works to bring back the good old days when your water heater wasn’t causing a scene.

  • Loose Connections: It’s Feeling A Little Crazy

Jiggly Stuff: Sometimes, your water heater might have some loose connections – it’s just that those nuts and bolts need a little tightening.

Get It Tight: It’s time to tighten things up and stop the leak before it becomes a tidal wave. (Reminder: Righty tighty, lefty loose-y).

  • The Pressure Valve’s Tantrum

Too Much Pressure: That pressure relief valve on your water heater might be having a meltdown. If the pressure inside gets too high, it’ll start leaking like it’s trying to escape a high-stakes poker game.

Pressure Management: We can calm that valve down faster than a spa day. Contact Michael Shaver Plumbing, Septic, & Dirt Works for some professional pressure relief.

  • The Sediment Shuffle

Grit and Grime: Over time, sediment can build up at the bottom of your water heater. This sediment loves to party and might just cause your tank to spring a leak (and be extra noisy).

Clean Sweep: Our team can flush out that pesky sediment and keep your water heater’s moves in check. 

  • The Stealthy Rust Monster

Metal Muncher: Rust is like that sneaky kid who nibbles on cookies when no one’s looking. It quietly munches away at the metal, eventually causing leaks.

Rust Busting: Don’t let rust win. Our experts can replace parts and keep your water heater rust-free. Just give Michael Shaver Plumbing, Septic, & Dirt Works a call, and we’ll bust that rust.

  • The Mystery of the Anode Rod

Sacrificial Lamb: The anode rod is designed to attract all the nasty stuff in the water, sacrificing itself to protect your tank. When it’s done its job, it might need replacing. You usually know if this is the problem because it can smell like a rotten egg!

Hero Replacement: We’ll replace your anode rod faster than you can say “Michael Shaver Plumbing, Septic, & Dirt Works.” (That’s actually hard to say and takes awhile, but we are way faster). Your water heater will thank you for its new lease on life.

  • The “It’s Just Old” Truth

End of the Line: Sometimes, your water heater is just… old. Like an ancient warrior, it has fought many battles and now it’s leaking as a sign it needs to retire.

Honorably Retired: We can help you choose a new, energy-efficient model that will serve you faithfully for years to come. They key to success is a smooth transition from old to new and, you guessed it, we can help.


Whether your water heater is having a mid-life crisis, dealing with loose connections, or just getting on in years, Michael Shaver Plumbing, Septic, & Dirt Works has got your back.

Our expert team will fix that leak and restore order to your home. Don’t let your water heater’s antics drive you crazy. Call Michael Shaver Plumbing, Septic, & Dirt Works today at 615-948-9198.

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